Can I Get Dermal Filler Injections Before Dental Work?

injectable treatment To get the best possible results from your dermal filler treatment, there are certain precautions you should take during your recovery. For instance, it is better to avoid exercise and other strenuous activities for the first couple days after treatment, as this can make potential bruising worse. Another precaution that many people may not even think about is waiting to schedule any dental work. 

Since the face can get stretched and have pressure on it during dental visits, it’s better to space out dermal filler and dental appointments. This is because filler injections could potentially be misplaced, especially in the case of lip augmentation, if the lower face is manipulated like it is during dental treatments. However, if you have an urgent dental need, you may want to see your dentist before your dermal filler appointment.

Unlike getting fillers before dental work, there are fewer concerns with getting these injections after a visit to the dentist. The main precautions in this cause would be to avoid ibuprofen and aspirin, as blood thinning medications like these can make you more prone to bruising after your dermal filler injections.

If you plan to get dermal fillers around the same time as dental work, you may want to speak with your aesthetic professional to learn the best timing for your cosmetic injectable session. By doing so, you can avoid unnecessary side effects and get the natural-looking filler results you desire.