What Causes Dark Spots?

ModelDark spots, liver spots, age spots, sun spots—whatever you choose to call them, these areas of hyperpigmentation tend to occur in patients nearing middle-age and develop most often in skin regions that get the most sun exposure. Dark spots are typically caused by the overproduction or clustering of melanin (what gives the skin its pigment) or free radicals. They can result from excessive UV exposure (whether due to the sun or tanning beds), skin conditions (like melasma), medications (like tetracyclines), and even pregnancy. While dark spots aren’t usually raised or feel uncomfortable, many people are bothered by their bold appearance and seek treatment to make the blemishes fade away.

Since dark spots don’t usually go away on their own, there are a variety of minimally invasive treatments that can reduce, if not completely eliminate, their unwanted appearance. At the Dermlounge medical spa, our skin care professionals utilize multiple solutions to address this type of hyperpigmentation. Depending on the specifics of your case, our team may recommend laser skin treatments, such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy, and/or certain medical-grade skin care products to improve your skin tone. In addition to addressing dark spots on facial areas, we can help you diminish these cosmetic marks on other areas like the shoulders, back, arms, and hands. In fact, since the back of the hands is one of the first places to show signs of aging, we offer multiple hand rejuvenation options to treat dark spots as well as smooth wrinkles.

Do you have dark spots you wish you could erase? Schedule a consultation with one of our aesthetic professionals at Dermlounge for your personal skin evaluation. They can help you find an effective solution to significantly improve the appearance of your skin, helping you achieve the fresh, rejuvenated look you desire.